about winkcoupons

About Winkcoupons : 

Winkcoupons is a brand in affiliate e-commerce in India. We are known for maintaining high-quality standards through our unique user interface and user experience. We have been sustaining and preserving our USP to provide the most authentic and updated coupons and deals. Today, Winkcoupons is top of the coupons and Cashback industry. 

Our strategic B2B partnerships with some powerful e-commerce companies and strong IT sector networks have benefited us and our affiliates. Our business partnership programs help a company increase its revenue, create brand awareness, and expand its reach. Our network includes a wide range of merchants and strategic companies and we aim to cross-promote each other in providing the best deals to the end consumer.

Winkcoupons receives partnership requests in bulk every day but we intend to partner with businesses that offer our users just what they want from us. In the end, it’s all about helping our users save on every purchase!

Founded In
2020 by1 persons

Amount Saved
Rs. 250,000


Merchant Partners
2000+ & Counting