Top 5 Fireboltt watches in 2023

Fireboltt Smartwatches are new Technology where it is wearable devices for the wrist and comes with Bluetooth connection capable. This is used to tell the time and also physical and also other facilities like calls and also like music and text etc.

Fireboltt Smartwatch helps people very much in day-to-day life. Because It is directly connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth option and keeps more secure. And some smartwatches have GPS + Cellular etc; depending on the models. Smartwatches are easy to carry and wear easily. All the watches come with a waterproof and long-lasting battery.

In this post, we are having the total description of the Fireboltt brand. It is having a stylish look and structure made up of metal-like stainless steel. Before buying the product we should cross-check the reviews and brand and quality of the product and description too.

Top models of Fireboltt Smartwatch :

  • Fire-Boltt Fighter 1.8” Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch.
  • Fire-Boltt Hurricane 1.3″ Curved Glass Display.
  • Fire-Boltt Hulk 1.78 inch Amoled Bluetooth Calling.
  • Fire-Boltt Pristine Bluetooth Calling 1.32 Display Luxury Smartwatch.
  • Fire-Boltt Talk Ultra 1.39 Round Color HD Display with Bluetooth Calling.

1. Fireboltt Fighter 1.8 Bluetooth calling smartwatch:

This model has 118 sports modes and comes with LCD 2d. It was long-lasting and durable with a metal body. It shows fitness and outdoor activities like calls and text messages etc.


2. Fireboltt Hurricane 1.3 curved display:

This model is very special for girls who come with a round curved glass body structure and has 360 health and 120 + sports modes. Most of the girls are using this model. It is an HD display and a durable battery that comes with 15 days of one charge.


3. Fireboltt Hulk 1.78 AMOLED:

The model comes with an AMOLED display with high resolution and also has a voice assistant. This has Wi-Fi and also functions like heartbeat etc this model was mostly preferred for men.


4. Fireboltt Pristine Bluetooth 1.32 luxury:

This is a women’s collection that comes with a luxury edition. It is a stainless steel frame and crystal mirror. So this model comes with various functions and gives good look to the wrist.


5. Fireboltt Talk Ultra 1.39 Round:

It was the most popular model in the Fireboltt and which is used by all the youth and attracts the youth people. And This gives health metrics and has the extraordinary calling Bluetooth.


NOTE: All the models of the Firebolt come with a minimum of 7 days of standing battery and have different types of screen inches based on the price variations.

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