Learn together, Grow together!!!

At Winkcoupons, We are building a culture where cool and people (like you) can showcase their best work. This is a place where everyone learns together and grows together to tap into their untapped potential.

Our Values!

We Genuinely Care

We listen to, care for, and serve the diverse people central to our purpose, our employees, partners, customers, shareholders, and businesses everywhere.

We Own It

We are a culture of performance and accountability. We face challenges with grit and optimism to acheive our goals

We Learn, Always

We have a forever curious, learn it all mindset, and we value knowledge. We use data and experimentation to innovate and constantly improve

We Build Trust

We build trust through transparency and open, authentic communication. We assume positive intent and we’re the first to extend trust

We Dream Big

We empower the enterpreneurial spirit by believing in people and championing their dreams. We solve big problems with big dreams.

We Win Together

We are one team, unified in our Purpose and Mission. We all win when everyone does their part in service of the whole

What we can Offer for Student Internship?

Content Writer

The content writer is responsible for working on marketing copies and website content that would help promote our services better. This would require extensive research on a wide variety of topics and the ability to write crisp, clear, structured drafts using Content Management Systems.

Product Maintaining

The product maintain is responsible for working on website and website content that would help maintain our services better. This would require minimum knowledge on a website and the ability to clear, structured drafts using Management Dashboard.

What we Provide for Student Internship?

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