Which countries get paid the most from Google AdSense ?

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In Google Ads have two metrics called eCPM and CPC.

eCPM – Revenue earned by getting 1000 ad impressions.
CPC – Revenue earned per each click on ads.

Countries which have the highest eCPM and CPC
US, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada and Switzerland these countries have the highest CPM and CPC.

Countries which have the least eCPM and CPC are
all African countries like Middle Asian countries. You will get paid if you do the right work. People get banned because they try to cheat thinking they are much smarter than Google.

Youtube Monetizations are also done via Google Adsense. It totally depends upon traffic coming to your website and videos.

If the people visiting are from developed countries like USA, UK, CANADA, Australia then your cost per click will be atleast 4-6 times high in comparison to India, Pakistan or China. You need people from from developed countries to watch your videos and visit your website. It will make you a good amount of money depending upon the visits.

Rates do vary greatly from one country to another. As Satyendra says though, it is the country of your audience that matters. As a rule of thumb, US audiences are most valuable. Often by quite a large margin. Together with Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia these make up what most people consider “tier 1” – which command the highest rates.

Tier 2 are mostly European countries, with the remainder of the world generally being lumped together as “other”.

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